Signature Vibe Facial: A combination of various techniques into one facial treatment will leave your skin looking firm, radiant, uninflamed and healthy. This treatment helps to reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production and helps to reduce the signs of aging. Our trained therapists will help you revitalize your skin. $11,000 ( confirm availability of menu item before booking an appointment)

Rejuvenating Facial:  This treatment combines stroking, tapping, and compression movements with high quality, clinically tested facial care products containing vitamin E and anti-aging boosters to rejuvenate your skin. $9,000

Deep pore Cleansing Facial:  Achieve glowing, clean, fresh looking and very very soft skin after your treatment. Skin that lacks moisture and prone to breakouts will benefit from regular deep cleansing, which will also help to slow the aging process and add suppleness to your skin. $7,200

Microdermabrasion: This is the perfect treatment to reduce dull skin and age spots with a new, smoother layer of skin. If you suffer from acne scars, pox marks and scars from accidents or disease, this treatment is just right for you.  $8,000

Face Him– This treatment takes into consideration all the unique needs of a man’s skin. Smoother and brighter skin is ultimately revealed after a cleansing mask and gentle massage. $7,500

Clean on the Go (Basic Facial):   simple does it sometimes. Let the professionals boost your skin’s appearance with our natural enhancing and radiating products. $5,700

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