SIGNATURE BODY BLISS: A natural alternative to pain management, this treatment will have you blissed out by the end of therapy. This treatment offers a variety of potential health benefits such as, reducing inflammation, eases anxiety and soothes skin all while revealing younger, brighter skin. Choose from 50 or 80 mins of exfoliation followed by an upper body massage.  50 & 80 MINS $8,500 /10,500

POINT BLISS :With a more focused approach on specific areas of pain and inflammation,  a rejuvenating rub down with our special oils will leave your achy shoulders and stiff neck feeling better before you leave. 30 MINS (Upper/Lower body). $3,800

WARM BAMBOO MASSAGE: This treatment incorporates warm bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters applied to the body using aromatherapy oils and strong pressure, to provide a great deep-tissue Massage. This powerful Treatment uses Pyro-Electricity (heat activated) and Piezo-Electricity (pressure activated) which when combined create an energetic charge known to contribute to the dramatic healing effects of a Warm Bamboo Massage 30,50 & 80 MINS $4500/8500/10500

HOT STONE THERAPY  — Effective in reducing muscle spasms while increasing flexibility and range of motion this heat therapy has been positioned as the ideal therapy for stress relief. 50 & 80mins $ 8500/11000

SWEDISH MASSAGE – A comforting full body massage that uses slow and gentle strokes, a calming massage, the goal is to promote relaxation and enhance rejuvenation. 50 & 80 MINS $6,000/8000

REGENERATIVE MASSAGE – Firm to deep pressure is applied to the whole body through a technique that relieves tension while unwinding painful knots and restoring comfort and mobility. 50MINS  $8,000

COUPLES MASSAGE_This restorative massage designed exclusively for couples uses applied pressure to relieve muscle pain and discomfort encouraging a moment of quiet reflection with a loved one.50 & 80 MINS $11,000/15,000

AROMATIC MASSAGE- Recommended after a tranquil and calming shower is enjoyed, this treatment uses fragrant oils during a careful and attentive massage to promote a sense of whole body tranquility. 50 & 80 MINS $7,000/8,500

COFFEE/PEPPERMINT/COCONUT SCRUB-  Rich in antioxidants which are very beneficial for the skin they exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells while helping to  increase collagen production and moisture in the most natural way possible to reveal a smoother,  silkier layer of skin.     30 MINS $6,500

REJUV ROYAL WRAP your body is luxuriously wrapped with a full body mask for 30 mins followed by a gentle upper body  massage that will restore your state of tranquility, relaxation and rejuvenation. 50 MINS  $9,000

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