Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette

Have you ever had questions or concerns about a visit to the spa? Unsure about what to do and what not to do? BodyScape's handy Spa Etiquette Guide will put your mind at rest! From the perfect treatments for brides to what to avoid if you're a mom-to-be, we have all your questions covered

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Discover which spa treatments are best for brides, how to prepare for your big day, common beauty disasters, plus whether or not to take your fiancé to the spa with our Bridal Spa Guide.

The Savvy Bride’s Guide to the Spa

Weddings take some serious planning (hey, we don’t need to tell you that!), and looking your best is likely at the top of your to-do list. Brides have so much to plan – so we hope BodyScape's Spa Guide for Brides takes some of the stress out of organizing your special day. We recommend that you invest in a series of spa visits, starting 4-6 months before your wedding. BodyScape has packages specifically for brides so  prepare to get gorgeous!

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably discovered there is more advice than you could possibly read. We’re here to help you make sense of spa and beauty dos and don’ts so you and your wedding party will be your most beautiful.


  • 1 Plan Ahead

    Make a list of your wellness & beauty priorities: if you have trouble skin, focus your time & resources on a series of facials. If you’re super stressed, regular massages will ease tension and give you soft skin. 

  • 2 Get a Body Wrap

    There are body wraps designed for many purposes: detoxify your skin, lose a few inches, soothe aches & pains, get super-soft skin and more. BodyScape recommends booking a series of 4-6 body wraps for best results.

  • 3 Take Your Fiancé

    Book a couples massage with your other half, or for a unique experience we highly recommend booking a Hammam experience together. Skin is exfoliated & cleansed with black soap and Rhassoul clay is applied to purify the skin.  Your skin will be positively glowing – and so will your future hubby!

  • 4 Start Body Brushing

    Body brushing is a guaranteed route to glowing skin. You can do this at home every day with a body brush and compliment your regime with a lymphatic drainage massage at the spa. Body brushing improves circulation, softens skin, reduces cellulite and helps the body eliminate toxins.


  • 1 Get a Facial a Few Days Before Your Wedding

    Facials draw out impurities from the skin, which can cause breakouts and redness. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a facial no less than one week prior to your wedding. For radiant skin, BodyScape recommends a series of facials before your wedding (try once a month for 6 months).

  • 2 Wax on the Day of the Wedding

    Similar to facials, waxing should be performed at least a week before your wedding. You want your wedding day skin to be glowing and smooth, not irritated and red!

  • 3 Stress About Money

        We understand that it’s not possible for everyone to visit the spa each month in the run-up to your wedding. No matter what your budget, we want you to be able to enjoy the spa – you can even do this at home with our DIY spa tips. Give yourself a facial, enjoy a detoxifying bath and even make your own lip balm wedding favors!

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Mums-to-be can benefit so much from regular spa visits – but there are certain treatments and areas of the spa to avoid. Learn about how to enjoy a safe & relaxing spa visit with our Pregnancy Spa Guide.

Take Baby Bump to the Spa

Pregnancy is a time to really look after yourself and your unborn baby. Regular visits to BodyScape can ease your aches and pains, melt away stress and tension and help you get a good night’s sleep. Many women report a drop in confidence during pregnancy, so a visit to us is a great way to pamper yourself and boost self-esteem


  • 1 Have A Massage

    BodyScape, like many other spas don’t give massages to pregnant women in their first trimester, so you will likely have to wait until your bump is 3 months old to enjoy a massage. Your aching back and swollen ankles will absolutely love you for it!

  • 2 Top Up Your Pregnancy Glow

    Or Fake It. Whether you’ve got radiant pregnancy skin or your hormones are running amok, a facial is a great, safe treatment to enjoy when you’re expecting. Be aware that your skin may be more sensitive than usual, so opt for organic, gentle products.

  • 3 Ask Questions

    If you’re concerned about anything, don’t hesitate to ask your experienced BodyScape therapist. They are trained professionals, so they should be able to answer any questions you have and put your mind at ease. If you are uncomfortable or in pain at any time during your treatment, let them know immediately.

  • 4 Try Aromatherapy

    While some oils should never be used on pregnant women (like nutmeg, peppermint, rosemary and jasmine), many women find essential oils helpful in easing nausea and aches & pains. Frankincense, neroli and mandarin are particularly calming for pregnant women.


  • 1 Don’t Use the Hot Tub, Jacuzzi or Sauna

    Avoid any areas of the spa that will make you feel too hot – raising your body temperature may impact the circulation of blood to your baby.

  • 2 Don’t Have Regular Manicures and Pedicures

    While it’s perfectly fine to enjoy the occasional mani & pedi, be aware that most nail varnishes contain chemicals that can be potentially harmful if you’re regularly exposed to them (formaldehyde and toluene). Request that your BodyScape nail technician use products without these chemicals.

  • 3 Don’t Neglect Your Aches & Pains

    If your lower back is really hurting as your belly grows, book in for a pregnancy massage. If your feet are swollen, treat yourself to a foot scrub & lower leg massage. And if you’re generally feeling frazzled and stressed, book a half or full spa day

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Some men find the spa nerve-wracking, intimidating and even embarrassing – but we want to put their minds to rest! BodyScape Rejuvenation Centre helps men de-stress, relax and recharge their batteries. We dispel common concerns with our Men’s Spa Guide.

Is It Your First Time?

A first time spa experience can be daunting, especially for men. Many men see spas as unnecessary pampering or indulgence, or something that's just for the  ladies. If only they knew just how relaxing, fun and totally unintimidating a trip to BodyScape can be! We are gender-neutral and cater equally to both men and women.


BodyScape's handy Spa Etiquette Guide for Men – demystify the whole spa experience. Massages, grooming, facials for men and more. Take a spa day, spa break or treatment without any worries.


  • 1 Arrive Early

    Arrive 20 minutes before your treatment, so you have time to settle in and relax. There’s nothing worse than rushing to the spa and feeling stressed before your treatment begins. BodyScape boast a pleasant relaxation/waiting area with refreshments waiting for you.

  • 2 Shower Before Your Spa Treatment

    It’s always nice to feel so fresh and so clean – and your therapist will appreciate it, too. BodyScape has shower facilities, so arrive early. Before you get in, make sure you have a robe in the correct size: men over 6’ feet tall may find the robes a bit short!

  • 3 Ask Questions

    Many therapists report that men are hesitant to ask questions, whether they’re concerned about a particular element of their treatment or simply want after-care advice. Your BodyScape therapist is there to help – remember, there are no stupid questions.

  • 4 Turn Your Phone Off

    Spas are all about relaxation, so your mobile phone has no place at BodyScape. This is your chance to escape for a short time (think of it as a nano-holiday), so make the most of it and ditch the phone.


  • 1 Feel Guilty For “Spoiling” Yourself

    Don’t fall into the trap of perceiving the spa as an unnecessary luxury. Regular massage does wonders for aches and pains and the relaxation of a spa day soothes the nervous system. Having a body free of pain and mind free of stress are necessary to living a healthy life.

  • 2 Worry About a Jealous Partner

    Your other half might get uppity at the thought of your body being rubbed by a massage therapist, but assure them there is nothing to worry about. has plenty of resources on the health benefits of massage and spa – share these healthy reasons to visit the spa with your partner.

  • 3 Be Self Conscious

    Your BodyScape therapist sees semi-nude bodies on a daily basis, and they’ve likely seen worse things than your hairy back or beer gut. You’re at the spa to relax – so don’t let body image ruin your visit.

  • 4 Worry About Getting “Excited”

    Many men express fear that they will get excited during a massage – this is a normal concern. If it happens, you can ask your therapist to pause the treatment. If you’re really worried, ask for a back massage only.

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Girlfriends + Spa = A Whole Lot of Fun The ultimate etiquette spa guide for bachelorette parties, with everything you need to enjoy the spa. Reconnect with your sisters, friends and make some memories at the BodyScape.

Bachelorette parties in the spa are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no mystery why. What better place to relax, have a giggle with friends, enjoy a cheeky drink and pamper yourself beautiful? Bachelorette spa days typically include one treatment per person though it’s common that the bride may indulge in several treatments.


  • 1 Bring The Right Number

    An ideal bachelorette party at the spa will consist of 6-8 friends – any more and things may get a little crowded. BodyScape is a small but luxurious spa and ideal place to host your closest and dearest friends.

  • 2 Book Group Treatments

    BodyScape has the facility for couples massages, so you and your maid of honor can enjoy a treatment together. BodyScape also has manicure & pedicure stations, so several gals can get beautiful and bond at the same time.

  • 3 Turn Your Phone Off

    Use this time to really bond with your besties and make new memories – those emails and texts can wait.


  • 1 Assume Your Spa Trip Must Take Place in the Daytime

    While spa days are very popular party packages, BodyScape also offer evening bachelorette parties. What could be better than relaxing in the spa, enjoying a wine with your friends.

  • 2 Involve the Bride

    This day is all about your friendship, and it’s a nice gesture to have the guests chip in for the bride’s treatments. Don’t involve her in the planning of the spa day & this is her time to forget about the stress of organizing big events!

  • 3 Book at the Last Minute

    Because your party is likely to demand the capacity at BodyScape, start planning the party as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • 4 Forget to Ask for a Discount

    Group bookings are often entitled to a small 10-15% discount. If you don’t ask, you don’t always receive – so be sure to double-check and remember, there is no shame in asking!

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There Are 8 Types Of Bikini Waxes—Which Is Right For You?

There Are 8 Types Of Bikini Waxes—Which Is Right For You?

What to expect when you’re go bare.

I get it, shaving kind of sucks. Especially ~ down there ~. Holy razor burn, Batman!

But the thought of bikini waxing is crazy-intimidating (everyone and their mother remembers that scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin). And it's hard to know what kind of "style" to ask for. It's not like you can just bring a pic of your favorite celebrity as an example like you do for a haircut...

Well, knowledge is power.... Read on for the eight most common types of bikini wax you can get for the next time you're thinking about going bare:


1. Classic Bikini Wax

A bikini wax only removes the hair that would be visible around the bikini line, Some hair remains and can be sculpted into a landing strip, triangle, or other style.  If you're a waxing newbie, this is probably your best bet.

2. Mini Brazilian

A mini Brazilian involves completely removing the hair from the front, leaving it totally bare. When getting a mini Brazilian, you can expect to lay on your back with your legs bent, feet together, as if you’re in butterfly. From there it’s all steady breathing and anticipating wax strips until the job is complete.

3. Full Brazilian

The full Brazilian wax is comparable to the mini Brazilian, except that the behind area is also waxed. Now, this is where things get a bit more up-close-and-personal (as if being pantsless and spread eagle weren’t already so).  In order to reach the behind area—a.k.a. your butt crack—your technician will typically take one of two routes. You’ll either hold one leg up at a time so that a quick strip can be ripped, or you’ll flip over onto all fours. Hope you're not shy!

4. Brazilian Plus

If your "happy trail" makes you feel anything but, ask for a Brazilian Plus. The Brazilian Plus includes a full Brazilian wax, plus the stomach trail.

5. Brazilian South

Full Brazilian? Check. And, while you’re at it, might as well throw in your legs, too. Yup, you can officially get a one-and-done treatment so that, not only will you not have to risk razor bumps on your bits, but you can skip out on nicking your shins in the shower, too.

6. Butt Strip

Such a lovely name, I know, but, in all actuality, that’s exactly what it is—a wax strip or two targeted at your crack and your crack alone.

7. Full Buttocks

Hair happens. And if you're not feeling the stuff that pops up on your cheeks, simply request a full buttocks for a hairless rear.

8. Brazilian Total Body

Instead of stopping with a lower-half wax, this option lets you extend the hairless love all the way up to your neck. Arms, chest, back, stomach, bits, butt, legs, feet—it all will go.

And, there you have it—way more bikini waxes than you probably ever knew existed. Only question now is: Which will you choose?

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