Mother To Be - Pregnant Pause

Take Baby bump to the spa and enjoy a 50-minute Prenatal Massage + Basic Facial +Regular Pedicure.-$15,750

Hurry Up & Relax 

Two (2) 25-minute treats: Express Massage + Basic Facial for a lunch hour escape.-$9,800

HER SPA DAY-    This spa day specially designed to pamper and leave her feeling rejuvenated includes a 30mins Coffee bodyscrub + microdermabrasion facial treatment and a regular pedicure $16,500

Dude Day 

This manly man spa day includes a 30 minute upper body Swedish Massage + “FACE HIM” Facial + Regular Manicure and Pedicure.-$17,500

Best of All Worlds 

30 Mins of  Coffee/Peppermint/Coconut body scrub + 50 Mins Swedish massage + Clean on the go facial + Jelly Pedicure and regular manicure. Oh Yeah!- $25,480


In total celebration of YOU, receive a specially designed package just for you;

Option 1; Jelly Pedicure and regular manicure +30 mins Upper body Swedish massage + clean on the go facial. $16,450

Option 2; Signature Vibe Pedicure and regular Manicure + 30 mins Upper body Swedish massage + Deep pore cleansing facial. $19,700

Option 3- Signature Vibe pedicure and foot massage, signature manicure and 30mins upper body swedish massage. $ 12,300

Complimentary Wine included in all birthday options! Oh Yea!

Bridal:  Get blissed out for the ultimate day with a Coffee/Peppermint/coconut body scrub or Swedish massage +Rejuvenating Facial + regular Manicure and Pedicure (choose from gel or regular polish).- $20,250

(Optional):  Add Manicure and Pedicure and basic facial OR upper body massage for each member of your bridal party. $9850

HIM & HER (COUPLES) — Enjoy a relaxing spa package right next to him/her. This package includes FOR HIM ; Basic Facial, regular Pedicure and 30 mins Heat Therapy( warm bamboo or Hot Stone)  massage. FOR HER; Basic  facial, regular pedicure and 30 minutes heat therapy massage(warm bamboo or hot stone). $30,650


This package is specifically designed for Three (3) ladies who can make every moment exceptional with an array of unique and fun services. Choice of a  30 Min Massage (Swedish) or clean on the go Facial  plus Regular Manicure and Pedicure for each.-$10,800 per person

*Minimum three females per group

Special Occasions-  Whether you want to celebrate with a group of friends or loved ones to say Thank You, Congratulations or just to spend some time together BodyScape Spa can offer you just the perfect place to do this. You and your guests can make the most of your day as you truly enjoy our hospitality, friendly therapists and luxurious treatments.

*Minimum five persons

*Requires an appointment. 

Kids Spa - Children can be taught early to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Give your child a fun and fresh day at the spa to enjoy a fresh facial,  plus our specially designed pedicure finished off with a manicure. -$6,300

  • The Pedicure: Each guest will have their feet soaked in our pedicure bowls. Any previous polish is removed. We then gently massage their feet with spa lotion and polish their toes with the color of their choice.  No alterations to feet, nails or cuticles will be performed.
  • The Manicure: This service is designed to beautify and pamper the hands of our young guests.  Any previous polish is removed. We then gently massage their hands with spa lotion and polish nails with the color of their choice.  No alterations to hands, nails or cuticles will be performed.
  • The Facial: The faces of our young guests will be cleansed and massaged with a gentle moisturizer. No extraction or deep cleansing will be done on our young guests.

*This package is for children ages 6-12 years  only

*requires an appointment

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